Our Philosophy
Thorndene, Canterbury Road, Swingfield nr. Dover, Kent. CT15 7HZ Tel: 01303 892244 E-Mail: info@thorndene.com
“The purpose of a home should be to enable residents to achieve their potential capacity – physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual. This can best be achieved by sensitive recognition and nurturing of that potential in each individual and by an understanding that it may change over time” Home Life: A code of practice for Residential Care (DHSS working party report) (Ref. Pol. 1/07/89)
Thorndene’s principle aim is to provide long-term care and support to people with learning disabilities. Everything we do is driven by the needs, abilities and aspriations of those we support. Thorndene believes this is best achieved through a method called person-centred support that focuses on the abilities of the individual rather than the disabilities.
Thorndene believes that is important to provide support to individuals with an underpinning philosophy that ensures the equality, rights and diverse needs of each individual are recognised and met. Disabilities can quickly undermine dignity. At Thorndene we recognise that those with Learning Disabilities have the same rights asthose without disabilities. Thorndene will promote the rights and dignity of all those who live here in every aspect of the support we provide. Thorndene’s staff have an important role to play in the welfare of its Residents and Thorndene employs staff with qualities that will enhance the well-being of the residents. Staff must be able to provide the best quality of care, whilst promoting dignity, independence and choice through gentle teaching, empathy and recognition of the challenges of independent living in a community environment.