Meeting Individual Needs
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At Thorndene we value each and every individual who we support. Thorndene accords all individuals the basic rights of personal fulfilment, self-respect, privacy, dignity, autonomy, individuality, quality of experience and responsible risk taking. In meeting the needs of those who live here, Thorndene recognises that each person has differing needs and requires different levels of support. Thorndene believes that a holistic approach is one that best serves the needs of the individual, combining person centred support with the promotion of health and well-being.
Person-Centred Planning
Every individual supported by Thorndene has an agreed plan of care which provides the basis for the support delivered. Each personal plan includes a description of the individuals prefered daily routines, their likes and dislikes in relation to food and any specific dietary requirements etc. The plan of care also includes details of individual family, religeous and social preferences and how they like these needs to be met. Every resident is allocated a Key Worker & Co-Key Worker who are responsible for supporting individuals in their daily lives. This includes supporting residents in the care of their room, clothing, possessions, etc.
Health and Well-Being
Thorndene recognises that a learning disability is just a part of the individual and that people have differing needs to maintain healthy lifestyles and therefore it is important to support individuals with Health and Well-Being. All individuals are registered with the local General Practitioner in Hawkinge Village and with the relevant dentist and optician where appropriate. Staff at Thorndene facilitate and support all medical visits to the G.P., dentist, hospital and opticians etc. Thorndene facilitates access to other professionals whose expertise can help those who live here achieve a greater degree of independence through a healthier life. These professionals include a consultant iridologist, osteopath, Chiropodist, personal trainer, tai chi and aroma therapist Thorndene also recognises that nutrition plays an important part in health & well-being. Therefore we ensure that all meals prepared at the home meet the nutritional needs of individuals whilst acknowledging everyones likes and dislikes